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Scope: migrate 3 different systems to PCS 7

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A clear assignment makes for an attractive project. Gebr. van der Lee / Tank Terminal Dordrecht were very clear indeed: “Migrate the existing ABB / Omron / Priva systems to Siemens PCS 7 and make sure that the terminal stays in service without any failures or downtime”.

Gebr. van der Lee offers a storage service for refineries, plants and contractors in Dordrecht. Their terminal takes care of, amongst other things, storage, modifying and mixing bitumen following the principals’ recipe and in compliance with CE certification. CoNet was asked to migrate the existing installation to Siemens PCS 7 / Open OS, using the Omron PLC present as a remote IO. All 22 storage tanks and the automated loading and unloading system for ships and trucks fell within the scope of the assignment. Furthermore, registration and archiving of freed up data (temperatures and volumes) from the Priva computer had to be anticipated. It goes without saying that the system needed to be implemented while the business remained fully operational and that it had to be set up in such a way that future extensions would be easy to implement.

You could say that CoNet Rotterdam had their work cut out for them!
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Through the completion of CoNet’s solutions a number of improvements were implemented:
– Processes are more manageable, this leads to higher productivity and fewer failures
– Lower energy consumption thanks to better process management
– Demonstrable PCS 7 advantages stimulate staff to be more involved and increase their level of participation
– Improved “tracking and tracing”
– Gebr. van der Lee are ready for future growth!

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