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In the highly competitive steel market, any improvement to a process results in a direct profit increase. Whether it is to improve the technical report and feedback system, or just reducing product wastage. Optimizing is the main goal.

Tata felt that her DVL3 was up for some serious improvements. Not only was the process reporting system in need of improvement, the idea was that this was the key for reducing downtime, product failure and improve the efficiency of the entire process.

CoNet Maintenance set out to get this jobs done, with a focus on improving process control. A firmware update for ET200S was a first achievement and – with the aid of a team Siemens specialists – other parts of the process were examined and marked for improvement. In the end, the overall project may be labelled as highly successful. Due to improved process feedback, a significant reduction in product failure has been achieved. Also the downtime. has been reduced. With these two savings, the total process is more cost-effective.