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Tata Steel extends service contract with CoNet

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Tata Steel has granted the preventive service contract for Koudwals 22 (KW22) to CoNet again.

The KW22 is a brand-new installation that has been running with Siemens’ latest automation technology since 2008. CoNet had obtained the maintenance contract for this installation earlier. Based on mutual trust and positive experiences throughout the past period, the service contract has been extended until the end of 2012. Work procedures have been established in close cooperation with Tata Steel, these will warrant the verification of preventive maintenance. A Safety part and extra installation parts have also been added to the contract.

Scope preventive maintenance
Different Siemens automation components have been combined for Koudwals 22. Components such as SIMATIC PCS7, TDC, PLC S7, PLC Safety, HMI (PCS7 OS and Operator Panels), Drives (Sinamics and Simotion) and industrial Interfaces (Profibus DP and ProfiNet) are used.

PCS 7 is Siemens’ DCS system. Because fast controls are required for measuring thickness, amongst other things, TDC was used. Thanks to TDC cycle times are much faster and guaranteed.

Where safety is concerned, the installation was protected with the help of a Safety PLC, this has been applied to the barrier protection making sure the installation stops in a controlled manner upon it being entered.
Another crown jewel for the Koudwals 22 are its four main drives, these are water cooled, medium voltage drives with 10MW capacity each.
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