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Unleashing the Potential of Siemens PCS neo 4.0 in CoNet’s Lemonade Factory

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Several months ago, we at CoNet embarked on an exciting journey with Siemens PCS neo 3.1. Today, our explorations have reached new heights with the recently released PCS neo 4.0.

Immersing Ourselves in PCS neo 4.0

Our previous experiences with PCS neo 3.1 equipped us with enough familiarity to navigate the newer version with relative ease. Driven by curiosity, we dived into the features of the PCS neo V4.0 server and its licenses, enriching our understanding of its capabilities.

Lemonade Factory CoNet

PCS neo and the Lemonade Factory

The Lemonade Factory is a staple at CoNet, serving as a training ground for fresh recruits and a demo centre for our automation solutions. Already controlled by PCS 7 and TIA Portal, we decided to elevate it with a PCS neo 4.0 control system. The hardware needed for this transition comprised a Simatic ET200SP HA head module and two digital input and output cards.

Levelling Up the Process

Post our experiences with PCS neo 3.1, the Lemonade Factory underwent a major remodelling. The expanded functionality led us to tinker with PCS neo 4.0 in new ways. Our factory now houses extra water tanks and almost double the previous number of equipment. This increased complexity resulted in a larger program and multiple routes to the water tank.

lemonade factory new p&ID

Navigating the Differences

The shift from PCS neo 3.1 to 4.0 has certainly upped the functionality. Now we can create our custom SCL blocks in the TIA portal and export them to PCS neo – something previously unavailable.

Challenges on the Way

Despite the leaps we have made, the absence of Siwarex weighing functionality posed a challenge. We overcame this by utilizing our TIA Portal S7-1500 PLC for interfacing with the Siwarex weighing module, thereby establishing PLC-to-PLC communication.

Continues Exploration

Our journey with PCS neo 4.0 and the Lemonade Factory has not just been about advancing technology. They have also been about enjoying the process. Our expanded Lemonade Factory now serves as a dynamic playground for our engineers to experiment, learn and have fun.

As we brace ourselves for future updates in PCS neo, we are confident that our journey of exploration and innovation will continue to fuel our growth. Got questions about our journey with PCS neo? Reach out to us at!