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Inside the Internship: A Glimpse into CoNet’s Real-World Learning Experience

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After a whirlwind of 6 months filled with learning and innovation, our interns have truly made their mark. They have spent this time diligently working, making impressive strides in their individual projects. Since their time at CoNet has come to an end, we would like to showcase their progress, lessons learned, and the path they followed to wrap up their internships.

Our Lemonade Factory became a hub of activity with three of our interns contributing their talents:

Tim – Lemonade Factory Route Development

Tim channelled his focus into programming the Lemonade Factory, specifically developing routes. He created 41 routes from source to destination and designed a matrix to demonstrate which routes could operate simultaneously. Leveraging the CoNet library, components were integrated into the process. Together with Yoda, another intern, Tim put the routes to the test using SIMIT and the Lemonade Factory. His final stages included expanding the testing scope and calculating route automation with more HMI functions.

Tim intern at CoNet presenting his internship work Lemonade Factory

Yoda – Lemonade Factory, SIMIT

Like Tim, Yoda was deeply involved with the Lemonade Factory. His responsibilities centred on SIMIT and research on ISA 88 and MTP. The SIMIT simulation platform enabled extensive automation application testing and training environments for operators before commissioning real systems. Despite the lack of a three-valve system, Yoda created his own. His concluding steps involved simulating and testing flows, implementing codes, and continuous testing to refine the software.

Yoda intern at CoNet presenting his internship work Lemonade Factory

Tom – Lemonade Factory, Module Type Package

Tom undertook throughout the research and eventually developed the software for the lemonade factory’s cleaning process. His work incorporated Module Type Packaging (MTP), which includes a vendor-neutral and functional description of process module automation, and TIA portal assessment. The culmination of this work led to the creation of a cleaning function and system process. Tom’s final phase saw the implementation and continuous testing of this cleaning function.

Interns chatting at CoNet

Scott – Farmbot

Meanwhile, in a different arena, we had Scott revolutionizing the world of tomato picking. Scott embarked on a journey with the “Vertical Farmbot” to revolutionize tomato picking via software automation. He created a system to recognize ripe tomato bunches ready for harvest. The machine navigates the greenhouse, capturing images of tomato bunches and processing them to distinguish between ripe and green tomatoes. Once a bunch is identified as ripe, the machine focuses on locating the stem of the branch to identify the ideal spot for cutting. Scott’s final mission involved the installation and programming of a burner to initiate the tomato harvesting process.

Scott at CoNet presenting his final work Farmbot


Over the past 6 months, our interns exhibited immense growth and development, and we are proud of their accomplishments as they conclude their journey with us.

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