An Idiosyncratic Company Retreat

CoNet’s unique company getaway in Holten provided a remarkable weekend of camping and outdoor adventures. From bonfires to archery, Segway rides to frisbee-rugby, the event was filled with exciting activities and unforgettable moments.

Hidden Gem in a Pine Tree Forest

The CoNet team, accompanied by their significant others, arrived in Holten and discovered a secluded outdoor compound nestled within a vast pine tree forest. Equipped with luxurious lodges and tents, the location set the stage for an extraordinary experience. On the first evening, the CoNet team gathered around a roaring bonfire, enjoying drinks and food while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The crackling fire provided the perfect backdrop for team bonding and storytelling.

Thrilling Adventures, Segway Rides and Bumper Ball

The following day, the CoNet employees divided into three teams and embarked on a series of exciting challenges to earn points. These activities pushed their limits and provided plenty of laughter and excitement. Teams faced thrilling obstacles, such as maneuvering Segways on uneven surfaces and engaging in bumper ball, a unique version of soccer played inside large transparent balls. The collisions and rolling chaos provided hilarious moments and unforgettable memories.

Archery, Assault Course, and Quad Driving

Amidst the unconventional adventures, participants also enjoyed more traditional activities, including archery, navigating an assault course, and driving quads. These activities provided a break from the high-energy challenges, allowing everyone to showcase their skills.

Spirited Competition, Laughter and Tales by the Fire

Despite the day’s physical exertion, the CoNet team engaged in a spirited game of frisbee golf, with players diving and competing like seasoned rugby professionals. The resulting tangle of players scrambling for the frisbee added to the hilarity of the experience. The day concluded with a barbecue feast, where the CoNet team demonstrated their culinary prowess. Accompanied by refreshing beverages, the conversations and stories around the campfire stretched long into the night, creating lasting memories.

Another Memorable CoNet Weekend

The CoNet team looks back on this unforgettable weekend in Holten, knowing that it will be cherished for months to come. This unique company retreat was just the beginning, as more surprise trips are planned, fueling the team’s anticipation for the next adventure.