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CoNet doet de SGS auditor versteld staan – ‘diep onder de indruk’

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New IT Auditors:

At the end of April, the annual (external) follow-up audit by SGS took place once again. This has been successfully supervised by the consultants from Q-effect for many years. SGS decided to send us new auditors with an IT background this time. It was noticeable that the SGS auditors had to adjust to what they saw, as it was quite different from what they were used to.

It’s characteristic of CoNet to manage ISO 9001 and VCA** systems in its own way; the entire system – including registrations – is fully IT implemented. From findings and complaints to minute-keeping and action points, everything is completely integrated into the web-based quality and safety manual.

Auditor’s Impressions:

Quoting the auditor:

“The safety and quality system fully IT implemented…”

“I was deeply impressed…”

“I have never experienced this before…”

Positive Feedback:

The feedback at the end of the audits was: “Compliments for the well-organized, clear, and digital information system. Despite the informal and seemingly relaxed atmosphere, there is a well-structured approach behind it. Undoubtedly, this explains the success of CoNet.”

We were quite flattered by the response. If you would like to learn more about our innovative approach and how we can help your business, please reach out to our sales team at