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CoNet: al 20 jaar een begrip in de Nederlandse industrie

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Providing Customized Solutions for Two Decades

CoNet, a leading company in factory automation, has experienced remarkable success since its establishment in 1996. With a strong focus on providing tailored solutions, CoNet has grown exponentially, now boasting two locations, 45 employees, and a prestigious client base. However, despite their achievements, the team at CoNet believes they are just getting started.

Origins and Specialization

CoNet’s journey began when Marco Ootes and Cees Hus, who worked in René van het Kaar’s machine factory, decided to venture out on their own. Initially, Ootes established MoCoNet (Marco Ootes Controlesystemen en – Netwerken), but they joined forces with René when their shared company faced closure. Thus, CoNet was born. Recognizing their potential, they aimed to become one of the top industrial installers in the country within five years. Specializing in Siemens products, which they had years of experience with, allowed them to achieve this goal.

Becoming a Certified PCS 7 Specialist

Within four years, CoNet’s dedication paid off, as they found themselves mentioned alongside renowned names like Imtech, GTI, and Croon during a Siemens partner model presentation. Year after year, CoNet’s revenue doubled, prompting expansion and relocation to accommodate their growth. While there were occasional setbacks, such as missing out on the Siemens PCS 7 partnership due to their office location, CoNet always found a way to rebound. By staying up-to-date with technological advancements and continually investing in their expertise, CoNet evolved into a leading industrial automation company.

CoNet’s Sustainable Focus

Recognizing the importance of sustainability, CoNet has been at the forefront of environmentally conscious practices for over a decade. From embracing green and blue energy to actively engaging in socially responsible entrepreneurship, CoNet remains committed to staying ten steps ahead in the technological landscape. They specialize in developing and implementing efficient and advanced energy systems, such as Smart Grids, which optimize energy supply and demand. CoNet aims to become the largest and best industrial automation company in the Netherlands and even Europe in this domain.

CoNet’s Connection with Verkade

Although at first glance, CoNet and Verkade may seem unrelated, both companies share a deep connection with the Zaanstreek region. Verkade, known for its iconic bakery and chocolate factory built in 1886, achieved global success through continuous innovation and expansion. Similarly, CoNet, founded in 1996, has consistently pursued improvement and growth in every aspect of its operations. Today, CoNet is the market leader in Siemens PCS 7 Process Automation. Both companies have found their home within the former Verkade factory complex, a historical industrial heritage site perfectly suited to CoNet’s aspirations.

As CoNet continues to thrive and take on ambitious projects both domestically and internationally, the demand for skilled specialists remains high. If you are passionate about technological advancements and seek a dynamic work environment, join CoNet’s team of dedicated engineers. Contact CoNet today at to explore exciting career opportunities.