At CoNet, we pride ourselves on innovative solutions and ideas. Smart Academy is one of them! The Smart Academy training has provided excellent knowledge to our customers and great joy to us, seeing them excel.


CoNet Smart Academy is customized training for customers. Why Smart? The training is made as close to the customer’s original work environment as possible. Since the training system is so close to the original, teams can apply the gained knowledge immediately and more efficiently.

CoNet Smart Academy

We Cover it all!

The goal of the Smart Academy is to train any team – technical, automation, or maintenance team. At Smart Academy, we provide the needed resources to understand software, hardware, IO modules, network communication, Profinet, Profibus, WCC works, HDMI parts, and drives. While usually, you would have to do multiple courses to cover all the basics, we cover it all in one place.


The training is focused on practical knowledge with exercises and questions for the teams. During the training, participants are not only provided with the needed information but also taught how to detect issues and errors. As an example, if an operator sees an alarm, they need to find their way through the software, to get to the input that is failing or a condition that is not right.

Participants are also exchanging components physically, to get a feel for it, for example, taking hardware out of the rig and replacing it to see the connection.

CoNet Smart Academy Chiel and Noach

Training Preparations

Our team carefully prepares for each training to give our clients the best experience. Preparations take time since CoNet Smart Academy leaders, Noach and Chiel, reverse-engineer customer systems. So, they look at everything that has been programmed and put into the system before, analyze the whole control line, PCS 7 programming, and other customer systems specifics. This way, they make sure that the teams get the best training environment.

First Success

Our first customer gave us a great understanding of what knowledge is needed, so we could tailor the academy to the best of our abilities. For instance, our first customer’s whole technical team, mainly operators, participated in the training. They needed to know how the new PCS7 system works.

Usually, operators do not have to do much when it comes to the software but it is good for them to understand which hardware is causing the issue and when. Therefore, we taught them more about the software and hardware. Also, we guided them through common issues, for example when they see an HMI issue and have to solve it. The training was a success and we received great feedback from the customer.

Chiel and Noach CoNet Smart Academy leads

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If you want to give your team the best training, then CoNet Smart Academy is the training for you. If you are interested in finding out more about CoNet Smart Academy, contact us at