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Exter, a specialist in savory taste ingredients, has been CoNet’s customer for many years. CoNet has supported the company by programming and troubleshooting its equipment. After years of supporting its equipment in small stages, Exter hired CoNet to improve its systems and processes. Let us share our first project as Exter partner – RAM Phase 1.

Pre-Engineering of RAM

The project started with pre-engineering work. First, an engineer from Exter designed user requirement specifications (URS), which was an important step to prepare for the purchase of capital equipment within the manufacturing sector. We also worked together with Actemium, who prepared a report of all the project phases during this stage.

Furthermore, we contacted IAP to provide us with the needed servers and hardware to gather the equipment. The pre-engineering work resulted in a detailed offer, followed by a purchase order for almost 2000 hours of work.

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FDS and IO

After we finalized the pre-engineering work, it was time to create a description of how the control system will operate; in other words, a functional design specification (FDS). CoNet’s team checked the plant and the previous system to create an input/output (IO) list to finalize the FDS. We also assisted with some P&ID and tag numbers.

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Last Commissioning

After finalizing the FDS and other operational components, it was time to execute the last commissioning. Commissioning state included operator training, recipe preparation, and the first IO test. The commissioning took place for only three days. After successful commissioning, the software of the powder factory is now working excellent.

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CoNet’s Support

To support Exter, we trained a Batch engineer specifically for the project. Furthermore, we also offered training to other operators so they would be able to operate the plant using the newly updated system.

The success of the project lies within the great collaboration. Are you ready to collaborate? Contact us at to find the best solution for you and your business.