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Innovative Integration of SIPROTEC 5 with PCS 7 | HVC Alkmaar

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Expanding a plant can be a simple task, but we always want to make sure that it is done as efficiently as possible. Our client, HVC Alkmaar, is expanding and will soon have a new sludge drying facility that requires an electrical 10kV power supply. The current installation cannot provide the needed power, which led to HVC implementing an additional 10kV switchgear rail with future spare capabilities that integrates into the existing installation.

Challenges and Solutions

One of the challenges encountered in the project was the communication between the SIPROTEC 5 devices and the existing “power” SCADA system, and the existing 10kV installation. The existing SIPROTEC 4 devices have already been integrated with the current PCS 7 system using custom-made visualization with the use of Profibus communication. However, the new SIPROTEC 5 devices need connections to several systems. One of the systems is the ABB 10kV-rail whose switchgear could only use the IEC 61850 communication protocol. As for PLC systems, we used Profinet technology for the integration of devices.



As IEC 61850 is not a general PLC communication method, PCS 7 also has performance issues with connecting several IEDs with IEC 61850 directly. To overcome this hurdle, CoNet engineers decided to use a Station Gateway for the connection with the SIPROTEC 5 devices and leverage the PowerControl Library. This innovative solution allows seamless communication, and integration with the existing PCS 7 system, and provides one standardized look and feel for the operators.

 IEC 61850

Implementation and Testing

The CoNet engineers configured the Station Gateway and tested the IEC 61850 signals using the standardized PowerControl Library blocks. Despite the lack of a complete description of the connection, CoNet engineers successfully established communication and tested the SIPROTEC 5 devices in advance. The test was done using CoNet demo/test facilities that host simulated switchgear with physical, built-in SIPROTECs.


During the FAT, the setup was tested at Siemens premises. The approach enabled the team to bridge the gap between the PCS 7 and SIPROTEC 5 devices, resulting in a cost-effective solution that did not require an additional power SCADA system. The Station Gateway serves as a gateway between an S7 connection and IEC 61850. The S7 connection is standard for the PCS 7 while the SIPROTEC is standard for the IEC 61850. Therefore, the Station Gateway combines the best of both worlds.

Benefits and Success

The project was a resounding success, resulting in a seamless integration of the SIPROTEC 5 devices. Additionally, the successful implementation of the Station Gateway solution led to several benefits for the client, including:

• Standardization of the visualization of SIPROTECs and switchgear (existing and new).
• Seamless integration with the existing PCS 7 system.
• Cost savings, as no additional power SCADA system was needed.
• A future-proof solution, ready for any expansions.
• Compliance with the IEC 61850 protocol which is an essential standard in the power industry. It enables 3rd party Switchgears and IEC 61850 compatible devices.
• Operators can continue using the familiar PCS 7 system look and feel without needing to learn a new layout or system.
• Network separation of the plant process control and PowerControl.

HVC Alkmaar


Work well done!

The project achieved the primary goal while also adding an innovative twist of integrating SIPROTEC 5 devices with the PCS 7 system. The innovative Station Gateway solution not only bridged the gap between the two systems but also provided a cost-effective and future-proof solution for the client. With the project completed, the client’s facility is now prepared for any future expansions.

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