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DuPont continues the PCS 7 standard

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The DuPont Surlyn plant was equipped with S7-style based process control with inhouse developed S7 blocks inside PCS 7. CoNet was asked to convert these to the PCS 7 standard, while existing functionality needed to be upheld.

DuPont’s Surlyn fabriek kende een proces aansturing die binnen PCS 7 gebaseerd was op S7-stijl met zelf ontwikkelde S7 blokken. CoNet werd gevraagd deze om te zetten naar de PCS 7 standaard, waarbij de bestaande functionaliteit gehandhaafd diende te blijven.

The conversion was also meant to further improve the control’s maintainability. Other improvements could be implemented simultaneously. Improvements like upgrading how transport of finished product towards storage was controlled through SFC-control. It was also possible to extend the original functionality and bring the visualization of process control in line with other DuPont facilities.
This modification has given way to a great number of advantages. Software maintenance has been simplified, signaling and alarm functions are improved and improved visual operator feedback is now in place.