Renewable Energy

When we talk about renewable energy, we talk about energy from biomass and the reuse of heat emerging from for instance factory processes, amongst others. A good example is the modern waste centres with energy recovery. As such, an increasing amount of households and buildings are connected to so-called heat nets. Here, the heat that emerges from the burning of residual waste is used to heat homes and buildings. Automation and telemetry are important components for the construction and maintenance of bio-centres and heat networks, and at CoNet we have a lot of knowledge at our disposal to this effect.

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Completed projects in this sector:
  • SIPROTEC transformer protections for RET charging stations
    The Rotterdam transport company RET is becoming increasingly green. At the end of 2019, RET introduced 55 fully electric city buses. CoNet programmed and tested the Siemens 8DJH medium-voltage switchgear with SIPROTEC 5 Compact protections for the charging stations and subsequently put them into operation. By 2030 all RET buses will be emission-free, saving a lot of diesel and thousands ...
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  • A passion for offshore wind platforms
    Working on and with offshore wind platforms requires specific knowledge and experience. The circumstances are very different from those on land, therefore a different set of regulations applies. “It is an exciting and challenging environment to be working in”, according to Jeroen Weemhoff, a consultant with Siemens Partner CoNet. For the past year Jeroen lived out of hotel rooms. He ...
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  • CoNet and Siemens seal their Digital Grid partnership
    Industrial automation expert CoNet is the first Siemens Solution Partner in the field of Digital Grid-technology. Recently the partnership was officially sealed at the CoNet Zaandam site. As partners Siemens and CoNet can supply modern automation solutions and intelligent power grids to industrial clients. This creates opportunities for more sustainability and improved efficiency. For twenty years now, CoNet has been ...
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  • CoNet develops the first ever ‘High-voltage Safety Simulator’
    The only company in the World with an in-house Energy Test & Development center. Yes, we did it! CoNet is the First Siemens partner worldwide to develop a test box enabling us to simulate any high-voltage environment – be it a wind farm, a network or an entire industrial zone. This High-voltage Safety Simulator allows for the real life testing ...
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  • CoNet lifts HVC’s Warmtenet to the next level
    The contractor HVC is the largest non-commercial waste collector in the Netherlands. The construction of the new modern waste energy plant with energy recovery in Alkmaar was the start of the utility company. That's over 25 years ago. During that time, the waste processor has evolved from a pure waste processor to a sustainable waste management company, where reuse of ...
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  • HHNK – migration of burner control system
    HHNK - migration of burner control system "Migrate the current process control systems in such a way that we  gain insight into the whole process and specifically energy consumption, increase logging of process generated data and hopefully enable us to increase overall process efficiency. By the way, the entire process conversion should be fast en reliable". Above more or less ...
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  • Alkmaarse waste powerplant upgrade PCS7
    "Increase (web)security, upgrade soft and hardware to the latest versions and improve engineering efficiency overall", that was, in a nutshell, what HVC commissioned CoNet to do. HVC is an energy and waste utility company of which 48 municipalities and 6 water authorities are the shareholders. To make a significant contribution to the climate goals that these shareholders have set, HVC ...
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