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TIA and MindSphere

The Silent Room is where the largest amount of TIA engineering takes place. With testing kits and customer equipment lingering around, TIA Team decided that a better, more efficient way of working, needs to be implemented. Not only for testing but also for demonstration purposes. After a brainstorming session, the idea was born. Let us…
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ICL and CoNet – Together Towards a Smarter Industry

Smart Industry, or Industry 4.0, is here to transform traditional manufacturing by automating traditional processes within industrial practices. Business leaders within the fourth industrial revolution are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits that the smart industry can unlock by transforming manual activities into fully automated processes. Within the Netherlands, multiple solution providers have extensive domain…
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Advanced Data Gathering With Smart-REACT

Nowadays, data is all around us and it is a crucial part of business development as well as the automatization processes. Data collection is not always an easy task, especially when it comes to factory data collection since many factories produce a minimum of 20 000 data points per minute. The next challenge occurs when…
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